There is always need for responsible and co-operative co-owners. Co-owning means, that you as co-owner will have right for possession of the dog, while I as a breeder will have the ownership of the dog as long as the breeding agreement is in effect. My aim is to have at least one female and one male puppy from each litter to be co-owned or with breeding rights. If you are interested in co-owned puppy, I recommend you to keep an eye for our websites noticeboard.

I expect honesty and co-operativeness from the co-owner. Co-owner must provide high quality care for the puppy and have to be familiar with the breeds that are present in the litter. To have hobbies with puppy is always positive bonus, but not necessary.

Deposit for co-owned female puppy isĀ 300 euros, that will be returned when the breeding agreement is fulfilled. The ownership of the dog will remain with breeder until the agreement is fulfilled. Breeding agreement includes one litter and when this is done, the deposit fee will be returned and the ownership will be transered from breeder to the co-owner.

So called "co-owned males" will be sold with breeding rights and the price of puppy is reduced by 100 euros. This means that the puppys ownership is yours but I have right for one successful mating with the male.

Any costs from breeding or mating the dogs will be paid by the breeder. Co-owner will be responsible for "every day life costs" like food, supplies, vet checks and hobbies.