My breeding project is basically based on crossing breeds. My first litter was born in year 2012 late summer, so this project has only started developing. On this site I have gathered information about my breeding project and have tried to answer to the most frequent questions.


While reading this, it is advised to remember that this project is at it's beginning and at developing stage. The appearance and characteristics I'm describing here are what I'm aiming for - the true forming of dog type will happen after more generations. My goal is to breed dogs, that are energetic, brave, adaptive, easy to motivate and have good nerves. They have to work well under pressure and be good at recovering from new things and situations. Preydrive is not desired, it should be possible to teach dog off leash. Expressive and pack behavior needs to be naturally strong without any problems. Dog should be loyal and humble to it's own pack, while being unresponsive or a bit cautious towards strangers. The overall goal is to have a dog that can be handled and trained easily, can adapt and succeed in different kind of situations and is active, balanced character for different kind of hobbies and of course as a pet.

I'm aiming for dogs that have muscular and slightly light structure, that are well angulated and have longish legs. Dog may be thoroughly slightly narrow-bodied, while it's structure is between light and mid-heavy. Back is straight and strong, chest is deep but not exaggerated, with rising downline. Neck is longish and firm. Head is narrow and dry, lips are compact, ears are erected with sharp tips. Eyes are almond shaped and obliqued, forehead's stop is delicate. Colour of the coat and tail position are insignificant. Coat is short or half-long with undercoat. Topcoat is quite rough to touch and the undercoat is dense.

One of the most important things in my breeding project is health. When planning litters, I pay attention to the hereditary diseases and dogs' individual vulnerability to them and will health check dogs for them when it's possible. For example, I don't use allergic or constantly sick dogs for my project. I investigate my breeding dogs' pedigrees as thoroughly as I can. I also naturally keep track of my breeding dogs' health status and possible illnesses.

Why don't you breed pedigree dogs?

Instead you could ask, why would I. In my opinion the present breeding system, which is based on purebred pedigree dogs should be history. It is based on a principal, which will take us nowhere in these days.
I do not see any reason in breeding pet dogs or dogs for activities in an inbred population, when it can be done very well by using outbreeding. Inbreeding in the present pedigree dog breeding has caused a massive amount of problems and has made it a huge challenge or even impossible to breed healthy dogs. In several breeds hereditary diseases are a problem for every dog in the breed, which makes people breed ill dogs - because there is nothing else left to breed from. Not to even mention the breeds, which have health problems due to the way they are built and look like. A bare fact is, that all dogs within the same breed are nearly without any exception related to each other. This makes it much more likely for example that the genes of hereditary diseases meet each other in an inbred population than in a population with a large gene pool.
In my opinion pedigree dogs have been driven into a state, where there is no point in breeding them with closed breed registers. Even if a breeder will succeed in finding individuals, which are healthy and have good temperaments, it will not save the breed. Most of the pedigree dog breeders breed show dogs in these days (and I can tell you, that a successful show dog will not be prevented from being used in breeding if it is ill-tempered or has an illness) or are so-called pet dog breeders, who will not have a clear goal in their breeding. In this group, breeders, who truly know what they are doing and work hard to get their breed in a better state, are unfortunately just a drop in the ocean.
Besides the fact that I don't like the situation of pedigree dogs in these days, I do not like the Finnish Kennel Club as an organisation. The basic principal of keeping a breed pure is in itself very amoral and in breeding a healthy/vital population of dogs pointless. The Finnish Kennel Club seems to be indifferent towards the dogs' well being - dogs seem to only be representing their breed, they are only things which should be put in exhibits in the Finnish Kennel Club's eyes. The Finnish Kennel Club's actions for saving their breeds are slow and clammy (and at the same time choices are being made, which make things worse), which reveals to me, that people don't really want to let go of pedigree dog breeding. Many things in the procedures of the Finnish Kennel Club cause confusion especially, when nothing seems to get done to some things, even though some individuals have been insisting it. For example the Finnish Kennel Club accepts up to five litters per dam, which is unethical in my eyes and makes puppy farming possible under the safety of the Finnish Kennel Club. With these slack regulations and for example by emphasizing the value of show results commoners are getting an illusion, that a registered pedigree puppy is always from a responsible breeder, which isn't the truth - the Finnish Kennel Club tries to sell it's "own" dogs as the only right choice. I also don't like it, that the Finnish Kennel Club of today is far from a thoughtful organisation, which helps the progress of having healthy dogs, instead I think that it is the opposite. The Finnish Kennel Club is a corporation, which had a revenue of 10 million euros a couple of years ago. We all know, that where big money goes, there isn't much room for ethical or moral thoughts or especially not for carrying them out.
I however emphasize, that many opinions fit into this world and mine is only one of them. Even though I don't support the Finnish Kennel Club's procedures or pedigree dog breeding, it isn't very personal to me - I have just chosen a different way to breed dogs, which matches with my thoughts and opinions. Breeding pedigree dogs isn't for me, but I do hugely respect the people, who still manage to work hard for their own breed's well being.

Answers to frequently asked questions

I have stumbled upon these questions and claims on the internet most often, so I chose to answer them at once.
I have heard people wondering about, why I want to breed dogs at all, if I'm not interested in pedigree dogs. Well, even though I don't think the pedigree dog breeding model sensible and right for myself, I am still interested in breeding dogs, if it happens in an ethical way and by thinking of what is best for the dog. This is exactly what I'm aiming for with my own breeding. For six years I hanged around pedigree dog groups, trying to fit in, until I understood, that there are other possibilities - when thinking out of the box.
People have also been inquiring, if I have completed the Finnish Kennel Club's breeder's course. Yes, I did the Finnish Kennel Club's basic breeder's course in 2011 and passed it with nearly full points. I didn't learn anything new to me from the course. 

Do you still have questions? Are you interested in taking part in the project?

If you still have some questions in your mind after reading this page, I will happily answer appropriate emails, and through email it is also possible to get my phone number.
Would you be interested in taking part in the project? If you think that you have a healthy dog which could be suitable for the project, contact me via email and tell me about your dog and we can arrange a meeting. I will pay the leasing-costs for suitable dogs and also half of the health test costs.

Special thanks to Alicia Jet for this translation!
This text has been written in 2012, so newer article will be coming as soon as I have time for it.