I'm always looking for new bloodlines for my project, so if you have dog suitable for breeding, it is possible for you to offer it for future pairings.

I want to meet every potential dog personally. Therefore I encourage you to take contact even if every criteria wouldn't be fulfilled - a dog is always personality itself and every personality should be judged in whole, with the positive and negative aspects.

Firstly your dog have to be healthy. Dog, that is constantly sick (constant eruption in ears, eyes, skin etc.), allergic or chronically sick is not suitable for breeding. Dog should have normal and full bite. No inherital faults in structure, of course injuries that are result of accident are exception. Males that are used for breeding should have two normally developed testicles. Dog should be health tested before mating, if it haven't been already done. If the health tests are not done, I will pay half of the costs if the breeding agreement is made. Health tests will be made based on each breeds PEVISA.

It is desirable, that dogs pedigree would be known as widely as possible. Mixed breed and unregistered dogs can also be offered to the project, if their pedigree is known at least from two generations. It doesn't matter, is your dog show or working line - I will make my decisions based on the individual dog and it's pedigree.

I don't place any criteria for characterictics here, because those qualities are best shown when observing the dog. Also different pairings require dogs with different characteristics. Therefore you can offer different type of dogs - energeric and tough as well as soft and calm. Most important thing is, that the dog is balanced and is not oversensitive, aggressive or any other way problematic.

I also suggest that you check this (currently only in Finnish) list. I have collected suitable and unsuitable breeds for this project to the list. There are also so called discretionary breeds, that may be suitable depending on the exact individual. The list is meant to be directional and all breeds are not listed.

If your dog will be used to the project, leasing or breeding right agreement will be done. Other agreement types (co-owning etc.) can also be used if you want. Details about what informations will be shown at website will be discussed with the owner. Mainly the agreements will be done for only one successful mating, so you don't have to be engaged to the agreement for the rest of the dogs life. Of course there will be compensation paid to the owner for breeding use of the dog, if the mating is succesful. I will also be responsible for all the costs caused by the breeding use, including travelling expenses. For possible health tests I will pay half of the costs.

If you are interested or have anything to ask, contact me first via email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), I will give my phone number by email.