Noyal Altair

Noyal Altair "Colhu"

dam: Lara, smooth collie sire: Sirppi, siberian husky
agouti with irish spotting - male (neutered)
DOB: 5.8.2012

ED 0/0
Spine: clear

Colhu has participated in bear encountering test 5.9.2014, see the result here.

Colhu lives in Vantaa with Husco.

Colhu's blog
Colhu at Petsie

See Colhu's results in agility and match shows here.


Colhu's first time tracking
Colhu & Kina running at the beach
Colhu's obedience and agility training
Colhu mushing with bike
Colhu's obedience training
Colhu's first starts at unofficial agility competition (contains only tunnels)
Colhu's agility training (September-13)
Colhu's agility training (October -13)
Colhu mushing
Colhu's agility training (October -16)
Colhu at unofficial agility competition



7.9.2017 Updated Plans.