Noyal Anya

Noyal Anya "Kina"
dam: Lara, smooth collie sire: Sirppi, siberian husky
agouti with irish spotting - bitch
DOB: 5.8.2012

ED 0/0
Eyes clear (as puppy & adult)

Height 58cm (in August 2013)
Weight 18kg (in August 2013)

Kina is calm, social, humble and easily motivated. A bit soft, reacts easily to handlers mood. Kina is obedient and easy to train. Gets motivation in training even from only praises, but treats and toys go as well. Learns new things quickly. Loyal to her handler and shows her affection clearly. Kina likes every kinds of hobbies, but especially loves running. Best thing to do is run with her dog friends. Kina gets along with everybody, towards strangers she's careless.

Kina lives at Kirkkonummi with Jeni.

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Kina's agility training
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Joka Koiran Sprinttimestaruus (Sprintrace) 2014
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Kina mushing (September -14)



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