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Lara gave birth to 9 puppies - 3 girls and 6 boys.

Mating, pregnancy and labour went perfectly normal and without any extra effort. No dead puppies. Lara took excellent care of puppies. This was Lara's second litter and Hohto's first.

Sire: Hohto, siberian husky - HD A/A, knees 0/0, eyes clear, spine clear
Hohto is calm and good tempered male with mainly typical characteristic to his breed. He's can be occassionally too careless, but is soft and easily handled if necessary. Pack behaviour is excellent and he's not very dominant. Hohto's hobbies include sledding and shows. Hohto is healthy, he has perfectly normal bite and normally developed testicles. Hohto's eyes, spine, knees and hips have been examined to be healthy. Hohto has been mental tested with +112 points, secure to shots. At the time of breeding Hohto was about 5 years old. More information and photos of Hohto here.

Dam: Lara, smooth collie - HD A/A, ED 0/0, eyes CEA-clear
More about Lara here.

All puppies were clear at vet's health check. All males have normally developed testicles. Beretta was clearly smallest in the litter, still perfectly healthy according to the vet. Photos and stories about litters development in puppyblog (only in Finnish).

Sire of this litter Hohto was put down at the age of 7 because of spread cancer.

Noyal Barracuda was diagnosed with idiophatic epilepsy at age of 1,5 years.

The B-litter will be excluded from the breeding project!

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Photos of B-litter



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