TK1 Noyal Aden "Kossu"
dam: Lara, smooth collie sire: Sirppi, siberian husky
agouti with irish spotting - male
DOB: 5.8.2012

ED 0/0
Eyes clear (as puppy & adult)

Height 59cm (in May 2013) 
Weight 23kg (in August 2017)

Kossu is available for breeding for suitable bitches, contact us for more information.

Kossu is energetic and confident male. Easily senses handlers moods and needs determined leadership. Still, things that are made clear once will be clear to him always, if the leader sticks with determination and consistence. Kossu is fast learner and is very easy to motivate and train. Still being young he can be impatient, but doesn't lose his motivation easily. Towards other dogs Kossu is slightly dominant, but never aggressive. His expressive and pack behavior are excellent, witch helps him to avoid conflict among other dogs despite of his dominant traits. Kossu's sex drive is very strong and masculinity is clearly visible in his behaviour.

Official obedience trials

8.10.2016 Lohja - 190,5/200p. - ALO1 HP 1st place
22.10.2016 Nastola - 168,5/200p. - ALO1 2nd place
6.11.2016 Janakkala - 192/200p. - ALO1 HP -> TK1

Unofficial obedience trials

30.8.2016 Lahti - ALO 151/200p. - 2nd place

Match show

10.03.2013 Nurmijärvi - mixed breed PUN2 
14.04.2013 Klaukkala - mixed breed 3rd place
08.05.2013 Porvoo - mixed breed PUN4 
09.05.2013 Oulunkylä - mixed breed PUN2
23.11.2014 Tuusula - mixed breed 3rd place
26.04.2015 Kirkkonummi - mixed breed PUN1
09.05.2015 Porvoo - mixed breed 2nd place
17.8.2016 Lahti - mixed breed PUN4


Kossu and Lara talking to each other
Kossu's and Lara's first time at dogbeach
Kossu's agility and obecience training (March -14)
Seropisäntäilyt (Sprintrace) 2014
Kossu at his first official obedience trial